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One-ticket responsibility for parallel operation
Customer information (concept,model, Samples,2d or 3d drawings)
Through the CAE mold flow analysis to confirm the plastic injection program and analysis of product defects,to provide theoretical support for the abrasive design.
The use of motion simulation,the complex structure of the motion simulation to ensure that the structure is reasonable and safe.
The use of expert evaluation system to optimize the mold structure, the entire three-dimensional part design.
Adopt CNC,EDM machining
From the qualifi ed supplier purc hasing standards parts
Mold cavity and core processing (polishing)
parts factory for testing,to ensur e that Quality meet customer requirements
All qualified parts after maching and polishing work are being assembled
Mould-Trial and a few samples produced
Samples delivery
The customer opinion
According to customer requirements for mass production
Measuring the final dimension of parts
Fine processing,factory inspection,pre-accep-tance.
Provide the nece ssary mould injection parameters and technical guidance
According to cust omer requirements for packaging and delivery
customer feedback,satisfaction survey

Qingdao Xiongfeng industrial Co, Ltd. was established in July 1998 with 10 million yuan company registered capital, covering an area of 15000 square meters while 10000 square meters for construction, with fixed asset more than 80 million yuan and the staff more than 200 people.

One might have learned the doctrine earlier than the other, or might be a master in his own pecial field. Xiongfeng committed to be an integrated service providers, has became a collection of automobile, home appliance mould research and development, design and manufacture. Xiongfeng, the large one-stop service professional mould and products manufacturer, has also become the large one-stop service professional mo...

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